Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Wechat is a popular mobile messenger application in china. It is also used in some other countries like India. WeChat has nearly 400 million customers and it is quite known for its huge sticker base. Here we will see how to install Wechat mobile messenger and how to log in to the WeChat web.

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WeChat App Installation

If you have an android smartphone, visit the play store, search for WeChat and then click on the install button. For iPhone users, go to the apple store, and download and install the WeChat mobile application. After installing you have to register for an account on WeChat.

Register an Account on Wechat

Open the WeChat application and click on the Sign-Up button. Enter your full name, mobile number, and password, and click on the SignUp button. Wechat sends a verification code to your mobile and as soon as the verification code is received wechat completes the registration process.

Interestingly wechat registration requires password registration. This is because, when you change your mobile, then you can directly login into wechat app by entering your mobile, password and there is no need for any verification process again.

WeChat Web

To use the wechat version, open in your web browser. The webpage displays a QR code which you have to scan from the wechat mobile app. Open wechat app on mobile, then go to the Discover tab, and then click on the Scan QR Code button. Now point your mobile cam to the QR code. That’s it you are logged into the wechat. Another interesting thing is, unlike WhatsApp after logging into the web. wechat there is no need to connect your mobile to the internet. You can directly chat from the web. wechat.

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