Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

The most popular mobile messenger applications are launching a web version of it in order to provide a better customer experience. Telegram has also launched a web version of its messenger application which is called Telegram Web or Web. Telegram. This article focuses on how to install telegram applications on mobile and how to use the telegram web version.

Telegram App Installation

It is very easy to install the telegram mobile application. If you are using android mobile, then go to play store, search for telegram and then install it. Similarly, if you are using iPhone, open the apple store and install the telegram app.

Register an Account in Telegram:

Follow the below steps for registering an account in the telegram mobile app:

Open the telegram application and click on the Start Messaging button. Then select your country,  enter your mobile number and then click on the tick button. Telegram will send you an OTP number to your mobile for verification. As soon as the OTP is delivered to your mobile, the telegram confirms your account creation. All these steps are shown in the following screenshot:

Now you have successfully registered for an account and you can directly chat from your mobile. Now we will see how to log in to the telegram web client.

Telegram Web Version

Open the page in your web browser for logging into the telegram client. Now you have to sign into the telegram web. Select your country, enter your mobile number and then click on the Next button. Now telegram sends an OTP password to the telegram application on your mobile.

Enter the OTP pin in the telegram web client and then click on the Next button. Now you are logged into the telegram web client and can start messaging your friends.

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