Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Public IP Address

A Public IP Address can be defined as the Globally Unique IP which every device receives from the ISP. It can also be defined as the IP Address which is not reserved for use in the Home or Local Network. In terms of Home or Local Area networks, the Public IP Addresses are those addresses that the router or modem in the network has received from the Internet Services Provider. This IP Address is entirely different from the Private IP Address ( To know more about the Public IP Addresses, check this article carefully.

Public IP Addresses

Availability of Public IP Addresses

As we know that every device which is connected to the internet will have a Unique IP Address. This IP Address can be said a Public IP. The Public IP Addresses will be provided to the devices by the Internet Services Provider.

In the Local network, the router will serve as the Public IP provider to the devices connected behind it. All the devices will get a unique IP Address or Private IP Address from the router. But they will use the Public IP Addresses of the router to communicate with the internet.

Difference between Public & Private IP Addresses

Public IP Address Private IP Address
It is a globally unique IP Address Devices in different networks can have this IP Address.
Provided by ISP using DHCP, PPPoE Provided by the router in the Local network
It is an internet-facing IP Address. It is a non-internet-facing IP Address.

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