Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Interestingly Line has not yet launched a web client for messaging. However, Line has launched a chrome extension that works only on the google chrome browser. The installation and usage of the Line web chrome extension are very easy.

Line Web Chrome App Installation

Visit the chrome web store and install a line extension. It will take a couple of seconds for installing. The line chrome extension is installed as an application in the chrome browser. Go to chrome apps and open the Line application. This is how the Line app looks:

To log in to the line app, you can either enter your username/password or scan a QR code.

Scanning QR Code

To log in using a QR code, first, click on the QR code Login. The line chrome app now shows a QR code for logging. After this follow the below steps for scanning the QR code:

  • On your Line mobile app go to more -> Add Friends -> QR code -> Scan the QR code.
  • After scanning, tap the Login button displayed on your smartphone Line app to log in to the chrome version.

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