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Most commonly, for any computer or Laptop, the IP address will be This particular address is referred to as a private IP address. It is a default IP address that has a default username as well as the password for a new router. By using these log-in details, the users will stay secure from inapplicable internet connections. In some cases, people might be unable to remember their router’s password or username. In such a case, It is a pretty tough task to determine the password. If you don’t have any of the login details, It becomes challenging to access the internet from any of the devices. Check: How to Change an (SSID) NETGEAR Wifi Router Name IP . In such a situation, you can get assistance from this website as we provide appropriate solutions to your queries. We have copious methods to access the internet by finding out the password. Otherwise, you can simply alter the password of your router. In this post, you can find a detailed tutorial on how to change the router password and username of the IP address. Router Admin Login & Password:

Just type the default IP address or on the browser address bar and press enter button. You will see a login form where you need to use your username and password. When you press the enter button, then you will be logged into the router. On the router, you have to set up all necessary settings as if you can use the internet and use Wi-Fi. All of the routers especially home routers use the Wizard tool to set up the internet fast. You do not need to worry. If you use the wizard tool, then it will take 2/3 minutes to set up a Wi-Fi connection. Every expert suggests users save time and use the wizard tool. Users can manually put the setting information. Experts can put settings manually. & 192.168.l.254

Logging into IP can be complicated for beginners, Here’s is the correct & incorrect format :




  • 192.168.l.254
  • http://192.168.l.254.

How to Find Router IP Address Using TCP Software?

For some routers, you may not find the default IP address. In such a case, you can access the internet and find the IP address through the command prompt. Follow the below procedure to find the IP address of your router via TCP software.

  • First of all, type config in the search field of your desktop device.
  • The command prompt window displays on the screen wherein you can find the IP address just below the Default Gateway command.
  • To run that particular command on your Windows laptop or computer, just press and hold the keys ‘Windows + R.
  • In case, you are operating on a Linux device, you must press the keys Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • If you are using a Mac device, you need to go to Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal.
  • Then, type ‘ipconfig’ in the respective field and tap the option ‘Return’.
  • You can immediately see the default IP address of your router.
  • This makes it easy for the users to reset the IP address of their router.

How to Change the Router Configuration Admin Password?

In general, the default password of a router is the admin. On that page, you need to keep the username field blank without entering any name. Most people suggest that users alter the default password of the router in order to stay secure and protected from vulnerable hackers. For altering the router’s password via the setup page on the web browser, Just check the process provided below:

  • Navigate to the router’s setup page from your browser’s web page.
  • Just tap the ‘Administration’ tab that appeared on the top right corner of the page.
  • Under the ‘Management’ section, you need to enter the router password twice for confirmation.
  • At last, hit the option that says ‘Save Settings’.
  • This is an easy process to reset and alter the password of your router.

How to Alter Router’s IP Address?

If in case, there is trouble in altering the router’s username and password, there is a possibility to simply alter the router’s IP address. The IP address codes are usually private only for the IPv4 address. Whenever needed, you can change the default IP address

By reading the important instructions on the router, you can change the IP address. In order to access the web control panel, you need to provide the essential credentials to log in. In the browser’s window, you need to enter the router’s IP address. For that, just go to LAN Settings and change the same depending on your choice. Just navigate to the DHCP Settings and type the new IP address in the provided field.

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