Wed. Jul 6th, 2022 piso wifi is used by router brands such as Xfinity Comcast, LPB Piso WiFi is the default IP address of some well-known home broadband routers. Some of the brands that use as the router IP address for cable, broadband, wifi, DSL, ADSL routers are Actiontec, Airlink, Airlive, Asus, Aztech, Belkin, Edimax, Linksys, Microsoft, Siemens, SMC Networks, Trendnet, U.S. Robotics, Zoom, ZTE, Zyxel.

What should I do with this piso wifi IP address?

For reaching your router; type in in your web browser’s address bar. This way you will access the admin panel of your router from which you can make changes on DNS, WAN, LAN, network management, IP Qos, security preferences, WPS, MAC, PPPOE, WLAN, DSL, DHCP client, and so on.

How can I log in to piso wifi?

  • Manually type IP into the address bar of the browser. Unless this is not your IP, please identify yours in this article.
  • Log in by providing your username/password.
  • If you don’t have this information, try the below recommendations. piso wifi username and password list.

Router Brand

Login IP



3Com admin admin
Belkin admin admin
BenQ admin admin
Xfinity Comcast admin admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
LPB Piso WiFi user password
Linksys admin admin IP Address Restrictions piso wifi is a local IP address like It is not visible outside your local network. So you can not use this IP address to access the router from outside your home. If you want to access the router from the office or outside the home, you need to use the public IP address. You need to check with the broadband provider for public IP address.

Changing piso wifi To Other IP Address

It is not advisable to change the default IP address piso wifi as you might forget it after some time and you will have difficulty in accessing the router when you want to change some settings. But if you are tech-savvy and have some knowledge of networking, you can change the default address from the LAN settings panel. You can change it to any other local IP address like,, Do note down the new IP address somewhere

Access to LPB Piso WiFi Router Setup

There is no specific software or drivers to use LBP Piso WiFi Router, Whether you choose wired or wireless connectivity with LPB Piso WiFi any a model, In order to access LPB Piso WiFi  Router Setup you can go through:

  • After the complete LPB Piso WiFi, look at the left-hand side button “Quick Setup” which allows the users to make required settings.
  • Select the network, go to LAN and change the LAN IP address.
  • Select the Wireless, go to wireless settings, and select the SSID Network Name (mainly it is a router’s name).
  • Select the wireless, go to wireless security, make changes as per your router and save the changes.
  • Select the DHCP, go to DHCP settings, find the DHCP server, and make it disable.
  • If you want to reboot the system then go to system tools and click on Reboot.

In case you are not able to approach the appropriate option, let us know we shall provide proper guidance on LPB Piso WiFi Router Setup via call.

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